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Why AccelStor?

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AccelStor is an excellent solution for…

Enhancing your IT Infrastructure for optimal performance

Building a software-based storage appliance with sub-millisecond performance and solid reliability

Speeding up your application workload in virtual machines

Lowering your OPEX and CAPEX with cost-effective storage and long-lasting SSDs

Why AccelStor is your best choice

High Performance

Powered by our exclusive FlexiRemap™ flash memory management technology our NeoSapphire flagship P710 all-flash array delivers over 700K write IOPS at predictable response times at 4KB random write settings. The P710 is suitable for processing of huge volumes of data such as parallel mathematical calculations, VDI Boot Storms and Big Data Analysis at near instant speeds. Our FlexiRemap™ RAID replacement technology intelligently transforms random operations into sequential operations, accelerating data access and boosting performance to very high levels. Independent lab testing that compares conventional RAID algorithms to our award winning FlexiRemap™ Technology verified over 1 million Read IOPS which, is 13 times faster than conventional RAID. AccelStor FlexiRemap™ Random Write IOPS was measured at over 730K! AccelStor NeoSapphire All Flash Arrays are available in 1U and 2U form factors and reach the highest performance tier for enterprise and datacenter All Flash storage requirements.

Dependable Data Protection

Unlike the data redundancy of conventional legacy RAID, FlexiRemap® uses a 2(N+1) proprietary algorithm that allows one SSD failure for each group without data loss.  FlexiRemap® divides SSDs into two groups of independent drives and data is evenly distributed across all the SSDs of the two groups, with the fault tolerance of single-drive failure.


If one drive fails, that group enters read-only mode and all data access is forwarded to the other groups, ensuring that the overall system keeps running.


*This algorithm secures data integrity and ensures power-loss data protection.


The system also reduces RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) to meet enterprise demands.

Enhanced SSD durability and Low TCO

All SSDs, including those that are enterprise-grade, have a limited number of program and erase cycles. Healthy management of write activity is crucial, as it affects SSD lifespan and IT expense.


FlexiRemap® technology writes data to each SSD evenly to prevent premature wear as seen with all RAID schemas. This adds SSD durability into the equation and ensures a long storage appliance life.


AccelStor’s FlexiRemap® RAID replacement technology not only enhances the performance of storage arrays, but also avoids unnecessary I/O overhead, which cause some SSDs to wear out rapidly in a traditional RAID schema.


SSDs also consume half to one-third the electrical power of HDDs, delivering improved energy efficiency, and supreme latency levels as low as one fiftieth of that of legacy spinning disk while drastically improving performance. In summary, AccelStor all-flash arrays, powered by FlexiRemap®  technologies, result in the most optimal solution for sublime system performance and the lowest TCO statistics that money can buy in today’s market.

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