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Maximized Media Production Workflow

Work faster, more efficiently, and with better storage space utilization. Immediately improve the overall performance of your media production workflow, including ingestion, non-linear editing in 3D, SD, HD, 2K, 4K and even 8K, as well as rendering and broadcasting, all with maximized use of storage. Focus on your media production projects — and let our AccelStor All-Flash Array Solution handle the data workload!

FlexiRemap®: Stunning Performance for All Stages of Media Production

The storage performance demand for processing media content creation requires a combination of random throughput and random IOPS. NeoSapphire All-Flash Arrays are built with AccelStor FlexiRemap® technology, re-defining storage performance to handle the media content creation process far better than conventional disk arrays.

To learn more about FlexiRemap®, click here.

Optimum Space Utilization and Amazing TCO

Deploy AccelStor NeoSapphire Solution in your media production environment and you can save 91% physical space utilization and  save 98% power consumption.

Compare to 5 x 4K uncompressed video stream in non-linear editing process for multiple workstation with shared volume between AccelStor NeoSapphire and conventional disk arrays, users just need to allocate 1U physical space for deployment, compare to conventional disk arrays that need 180 x SAS drives (at least 12U with using 4U 60-bay high density storage) to handle the same performance requirements.

Use Case

You can:
Deploy dedicated high-performance shared data volumes from AccelStor All-Flash Storage Array to increase overall workflow performance.

You can also:
Deploy AccelStor All-Flash Storage Array to achieve a high-performance tier for shared data volumes and enhance media accessibility*.

* Must deploy Tiger Serve/Tiger Store, StorNext or third-party appliance/software supporting tiering functionality.

Media Production Solutions with Tiger Technology

“AccelStor all-flash arrays provide the extreme performance needed for 2K, 4K, UHD and even 8K video content production. The combination of AccelStor all-flash arrays with Tiger’s advanced yet simple storage and workflow management creates an ideal solution to meet the demands of high-resolution media production,” said Angus Mackay, Tiger Technology Marketing Director.

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